How can you protect yourself from thunder storms?

Hold a metal pole and jump in a lake… just kidding. you’ll be safe as long as you stay inside.

What will be the first, thunder or storm?

Thunder is the sound reaction caused by lightning strikes inside or coming out of cloud banks so you don’t necessarily have a big storm first, but you must have at least storm clouds nearby.  A bolt of lightning can travel as much as 10 miles.

Why does the house shake when there is a thunder storm?

Your house will shake depending the closeness of the lightning. Thunder is a sonic boom that comes from the rapid heating of the air around a lightning strike. Sonic booms cause massive shaking to nearby objects (your house). This will happen if the lightning is very close.

How high is a thunder storm?

Higher the thunderstorm the stronger it is. Heights can range from 20,000 ft to 70,000 ft above sea level.  High mountain regions place you closer to the stronger thunderstorms.

What not to do in a thunder storm?

Never stand under a tree for shelter! If you are at home, switch off all appliances. Turning off appliances won’t do a thing. If the appliance is plugged in it is at risk, consider having a professionally installed whole house surge protection device installed . Additionally, avoid water and metals, since they conduct electricity. DON’T USE A WIRED PHONE! I doubt anyone has a completely tethered phone anymore, but they can still shock you if you are not careful

Where do I go during a thunder storm?

Go in some type of building, car or parking garage NEVER TAKE SHELTER in a sunshade, baseball dugout, tree or any other open type of shelter.  If you can’t find one crouch as low as you can on the ground.

What do lightning and thunder do in a storm?

The lightning is electromagnetic waves that travel through the clouds.  When these waves meet with another they connect and create a lightning bolt of some shape completing its cycle. The thunder is a sonic boom when the electromagnetic waves exceed the speed of sound.

What is the difference between thunder and Lightning?

You can see lightning and it could kill you, thunder is a loud noise cause by the lightning AFTER it has completed its cycle

How long can a thunder storm last?

It depends on the natural metrological forces in place at the time of the storm. They can last minutes to hours