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Residential Electrical Services Santa Fe

Troubleshooting and Service Support

The most common type of service calls we get called on is when things stop working in someone’s home. We charge by the hour with a two-hour minimum plus materials we need to solve the problem.  Sometimes depending on the complexity of the issue, the house and type of wiring it can take longer. We carry the essentials and commonly used materials needed for trouble shooting, but If we don’t have the materials in our service truck we would have to go and buy them. Our time will be added & included if we need to travel to supplier and buy materials. This is uncommon and only done if the commonly used materials we carry in our trucks won’t meet the need. There have been times when the failure is caused by a bigger problem and if so, we will provide an estimate to make larger repairs if it’s not something that can be solved quickly.

 Electrical Panels/Breaker Boxes

We upgrade electrical breaker panels to handle more amperage when customers have need to add more circuits to their home and their existing panels didn’t have any more space for breakers or have reached maximum rated amperage and need a higher load rated panel. We replace old panels when they become unrepairable.

Meter Bases

Meter bases upgrades when their rating are not sufficient for new loads, require repairs due to tampering, vandalism or cover missing or required by Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM)

Electrical Receptacles, Switches, and Special Outlets

We troubleshoot lighting, electrical receptacles and switches, dimmers, sensor switches, time clock and remote switches. There is a variety of receptacles including floor receptacles used for different amperages and voltage for 220 volt and 110 volt and amperages from 15amp to 50amp.

Indoor Lighting: Upgrade and Replacement, Repairs, New Installation, Outdoor Security, and Garden Lighting,

Lighting repairs and installations are one of our most common tasks in our service technicians. We install and troubleshooted landscape lighting and outdoor security. We will meet with customers to provide suggestions and estimates to meet their lighting needs.

Remodeling and Addition Projects

We help our customers with additions and remodeling electrical plans and code requirements to ensure the customer loves their new or remodeled projects. We are very conscious of the importance of being there in a timely manner to help with the stress and inconveniences of a remodel or addition in a customer’s home.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

We can support contractors or home owners with complete electrical plans for bathroom remodels, which may include dedicated circuits for exhaust fans, Jacuzzis, heaters, receptacles, and all types of lighting. We install modern lighting for baths and kitchens making their lighting vision for their projects into a reality.

Wire Hazard Repairs and Home Safety Checks

We have several electricians throughout the City on service vans available to help with any hazards encountered by our customers for make safe service calls.  Do you have lighting, receptacles with a strange burnt smell in your home? We have after hour and emergency service capabilities.  We get right to work to bring peace of mind to their concerns and explain the reason for such hazards and how we solved the problem.

Code Compliance Issues and Electrical Inspections

If a home owner or inspector for a buyer/seller of a home finds several code deficiencies in need of repair, we will visit to get a better estimate of repairs and provide an estimate.  We can provide property owners with complete inspects of electrical systems.

Appliance Circuits, 220 Range and Dryer Outlets

These type of circuits are dedicated from breaker box to location where appliance is located, they vary from 110 volt to 220 volt single phase. The amperage varies from 15amp to 60amp depending on the appliance.  The Dryers are usually 30amp 220 volt, Stove Range outlets are usually 40 amps.

Hot Tubs/Spas

Hot Tubs and Spas, may be located indoors or outdoors Usually they are 220volt and 50amp and need to have GFI protection on the circuit. Sometimes these fixtures come with GFI protection on their internal control boxes other times we provide protection with a GFI breaker and disconnect.

Aluminum Wiring Repairs

Aluminum wiring is rare but there is some residences that do have it, it is not code and can cause fires. It creates loose connections in splices and connections to devices causing arching and heating after some years. With the proper repairs aluminum wiring arching can be prevented.

Ceiling, Exhaust, and Attic Fans

We install fans in specific areas of their homes to help cool the living space. Fans in the outdoor porches, bedrooms, Kitchens, and attics.  They can be controlled with the usual chain switch, single or remote switches on a wall that can control different speeds.  Attic fan control switches can come with temperature settings.

We also install, repair or replace

  • Computer/phone/cable TV wiring
  • Generator installations
  • Underground wiring
  • Simple green-build electrical enhancements