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Should I Do My Own Electrical Work?

Before you stick your hand in an open electrical socket to re-wire it, you might want to read the National Electrical Code (NEC), also called as NFPA 70. Published in 1897, the rules and regulations listed in the book are […]

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Why Does US NEWS Rank Electrician Work As Being Stressful?

The electrician career path is not for the faint of heart. US News named it as one of the most stressful jobs, learn why here. Read More
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How Commercial and Industrial Electricians Differ from Residential Electricians

Not all electrical systems are created equally. Industrial facilities have very different requirements than homes. This is the reason being an electrician is rarely a “one-size-fits-all” job.
Depending on the type of job at hand, suitable electricians are chosen and sent […]

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Is Your Home Ready for Smart Appliances?

The smart home device market is expected to reach a value of around $53 billion by 2022. These devices facilitate managing home equipment from remote locations and thereby, lower your utility bills and increasing safety.
Keep in mind that commands are […]

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Why Gorman Electric?

Whether you are in the process of building a new house, renovating your old one, or need a simple repair, you need the help of an electrical contractor to perform specialized tasks related to electrical systems. The technicians that these […]

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Hiring a Professional Electrician for Your New Construction or Addition

Building up a house on your plot? Thinking about renovating your age-old home? Whatever you decide to do, big changes in the home require proper wiring and electrical fixes. You might think you can do it on your own but […]

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Why You Need an Electrician When the Power Goes Out in Your Home or Business

Did you know more than 30,000 nonfatal electrical shock accidents occur in homes annually? Do you know that on an average 325 people are killed in the US alone suffering electrocution? Similar statistics are reported from the business sector. 16% […]

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