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Lightning Strike: How it Impacts Your Home

Lightning bolts from the sky to the ground have the main objective to travel through a conductor. Conductors allow power to trespass without any resistance. This is why lightning bolts can be harmful to a home. This is because most […]

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How Lighting Impacts a Business When there’s a Lighting Strike

Businesses usually operate on physical premises. Although the sight of lightning is fascinating, its impacts can be grave and hazardous.
In order to understand the impacts of lightning, it is important to understand how it works. When lightning bolts from the […]

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How Lightning Impacts a Home

Popcorn – Check, Drinks – Check, Twizzlers – Check, Pretzels and Cookies – Check, Gummy Bears – Double Check… Looking around for the remote and lo and behold, the light goes out. You hear a huge lightening strike and after […]

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Why You Need an Electrician When the Power Goes Out in Your Home or Business

Did you know more than 30,000 nonfatal electrical shock accidents occur in homes annually? Do you know that on an average 325 people are killed in the US alone suffering electrocution? Similar statistics are reported from the business sector. 16% […]

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What Happens to Appliances and Electronics when there’s a Power Surge?

Last night, I was watching my favorite movie Pretty Woman”. Just as Richard Gere was about to pull the classic “box snap” move on Julia Roberts, the lights went out. There was a loud thunder and the lights came back […]

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Top Reasons Why a Surge Protector Makes Sense for Your Business

Ever noticed how a hose pipe bursts due to excessive pressure? This is most common during winters when homeowners leave standing water in the hose pipe which con expands upon freezing causing a burst. Power surges are no different. When […]

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Why Lightning Protection is Important for Your Business

Lightning is a natural phenomenon and there is nothing that one can do to stop or prevent it.  What one can do is ensure that the damage is controlled. Even though, lightning strikes for only a few fractions of a […]

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Why Lightning Protection Is Important For Your Home

We all spend tens of thousands of dollars on ensuring that our homes are protected by installing expensive security systems and whatnot. A lot of people spend thousands on just installing alarms and other things, such as guards and security […]

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Top Reasons Why a Surge Protector Makes Sense for Your Home

Surge protector devices have become essential for residential as well as commercial buildings. These devices efficiently protect the electrical devices installed in our home that can get damaged due to a sudden rise or drop in voltage. Power surges usually […]

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Gorman Lightning Protection & Electric Announces New Website Launch Oct. 2017

Gorman Lightning Protection & Electric is excited about the prospects of its new website to help the company grow its business and give the best service possible. The website is designed to provide information about the services the company offers […]

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